Solutions for electronic document management in search for the optimization of resources, taking into account safety, efficiency and speed of the processes.

Smart Forms

Formularios Inteligentes

Desarrollo de formularios digitales en formato PDF adaptados a su uso concreto en circuitos administrativos (Recursos Humanos, Procesos de Compras, Procesos de Compra-Venta, Constitución de Plazos Fijos, Suscripción y Rescate de Fondos, Pólizas de Seguros, Comercio Exterior, etc.) y susceptibles de ser firmados digitalmente.

Development of digital forms in PDF format adapted to their specific use in administrative circuits (Human Resources, Purchase Processes, Purchase-Sale Processes, Constitution of Fixed Terms, Subscription and Redemption of Funds, Insurance Policies, Foreign Trade, etc.) and capable of being digitally signed.

PDF documents are a standard for the transmission and preservation of digital documents. End users must only have Adobe Reader to sign the forms.

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Biometric Signature

The use of mobile devices for the distribution of documents and their signature eliminates paper and speeds up the process of requesting services and capturing new clients.

The Biometric Firm solves the management of documents that need to be signed on mobile devices, serving as a gateway between the end user and the client’s back office, for example a CRM.

The biometric signature solution includes the signature components, backend for the integral management of the service and the customization of the client app for iOS and Android.

The solution allows the capture of electronic evidence such as:

  • Ograpius Signature
  • ID
  • Fingerprint
  • Photography

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Time Stamping

The Timestamping or Digital Time Stamp is an online mechanism that offers technical evidence that a digital object (document, software, image, audio, video, log) exists and has not been modified. Generally this service is offered by a trusted third party, who issues verifiable timestamps. Adding reliable Timestamping to an electronic signature or code provides a digital seal of information integrity and a reliable date and time of when the operation took place. Recipients of documents and codes with a reliable timestamping can verify when the document or code was digitally or electronically signed, as well as verify that the document or code was not altered after.

To Test CertiSur Timestamping Service, click below.

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Digital Signature-Authentication Bureau ID

If your organization or company needs an official to digitally sign documents to exchange with other organizations, the solution is CertiSur Authentication Bureau ID.

CertiSur Authentication Bureau ID is a digital certificate for end users that CertiSur issues under the strict security standards.

Manage your Authentication Bureau ID

Before starting the application or renewal process, you must install Alison Desktop.

Apply for Authentication Bureau Digital ID

Use your email address to find your Authentication Bureau Digital ID.

If you already have an Authentication Bureau Digital ID issued by CertiSur, you can renew it 30 days before your expiration date.

Check if your certificate is correctly installed.

You must revoke your Digital ID if you suspect any of these conditions:

Loss of your private key
Commitment to your private key
Incorrect information in the content of your certificate
Your certificate does not work correctly

To do so please send an email to validacion@certisur.com with the certificate data to be revoked.

If you have an Authentication Bureau and you are Caja de Valores user, download the following guide:

If you have an Authentication Bureau and are going to use it to sign PDFs, download the following guide:

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Digital Signature of PDF Documents Online

Upload your PDF documents, digitally sign and download signed documents from anywhere.
Just upload the file and sign. Alison Desktop will open and allow you to choose the digital certificate to use.
The signed file will then be downloaded automatically.


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Digital Document Flow Management

Viafirma Inbox is an electronic document management platform that facilitates the management of documents pending signature; providing them with a signature and approval workflow, allowing the visualization, electronic signature, validation and custody of all types of documents in electronic format.

This web solution “by mail” organizes the electronic signature agenda of the members of an organization thanks to the notification and planning of the expiration of the documents to be signed.

Viafirma Inbox

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Signer and Manager of Digital Documents

Simple and flexible management of documents, digital signatures and flows.

Platforms that allow you to create document flows that require the signature of one or more people.

Share documents inside and outside your organization, maintaining visibility and transparency in all processes.

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