Solutions for electronic document management in search for the optimization of resources, taking into account safety, efficiency and speed of the processes.

Smart Forms

Smart Forms

Development of digital forms in PDF format adapted to a specific use in administrative circuits (Human Resources, Purchasing Processes, Subscription and Rescue of Funds, Insurance Policies, Foreign Trade, etc.) and susceptible to being digitally signed.

PDF documents are a standard for the transmission and preservation of digital documents.

End users should only have Adobe Reader to sign the forms.

FIONA Digital Ticket Table

Software developed by CertiSur that allows a complete automation and control of the entry of digital forms signed digitally.

Fiona is an electronic and intelligent ticket table that receives those digitally signed documents, sent via email from the users that generate them and, once it validates the integrity of the data, the certificate used and the defined business rules, it puts the form available to the operating sectors that must manage them.

Main Characteristics

Process all emails received in one (or several) email accounts defined by the client.

Validates the conditions of the document sent (number of digital signatures, version, companies enabled, date and time of the sent form, holder of the form, etc.).

Stores the valid documents together with the documentary evidence elements (signature validation elements) to be retrieved later.

Returns the unsuccessful validations to the sender or sends them to an alternative box for it to be processed by an operator.

Notifies operators when a document has been successfully received.

It is possible to send documents that support operations as attachments and to restrict the type of attachments to be sent.

Biometric Signature

The use of mobile devices for the distribution of documents and their signature eliminates paper and speeds up the process of requesting services and capturing new clients.

The Biometric Firm solves the management of documents that need to be signed on mobile devices, serving as a gateway between the end user and the client’s back office, for example a CRM.

The biometric signature solution includes the signature components, backend for the integral management of the service and the customization of the client app for iOS and Android.

The solution allows the capture of electronic evidence such as:

  • Ograpius Signature
  • ID
  • Fingerprint
  • Photography

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Time Stamping

The Timestamping or Digital Time Stamp is an online mechanism that offers technical evidence that a digital object (document, software, image, audio, video, log) exists and has not been modified. Generally this service is offered by a trusted third party, who issues verifiable timestamps. Adding reliable Timestamping to an electronic signature or code provides a digital seal of information integrity and a reliable date and time of when the operation took place. Recipients of documents and codes with a reliable timestamping can verify when the document or code was digitally or electronically signed, as well as verify that the document or code was not altered after.

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