Secure Doc

Manage your contracts and documents securely.
Ask your clients and partners to sign documents to expedite their procedures.

SecureDoc is a platform that allows you to create document flows that require the signature of one or more people.

Secure Doc is a WEB signature service that allows you to create signature flows, as well as generate a digital signature certificate. It is a service that organizes the signing of multiple PDF documents between multiple users, configuring the order of signing, the expiration date and other parameters. It also manages email notifications.

Secure Doc allows:

  • Manage flows of documents, notes, and attachments between multiple people.
  • Customize the order of signatures in parallel or sequential mode.
  • Edit the content of the notifications to be sent to the signatories informing about documents with pending signature.
  • Select whether the flow allows you to add additional documents and indicate whether or not their signature is required.
  • Incorporation of images (wafers) associated with the signatures as part of the flow.
  • Determine the signature page between invisible, first, last or new blank page and the location between header, middle and footer.
  • Audit the entire process.
  • Custom configuration by tenant.
  • Validation of all the signatures inserted in the document.

Main advantages

Sign on Windows, MacOs and Linux

Allows digital signing with certificates contained in workstations, on smart cards and tokens, on Windows, MacOS and Linux platforms.

Use Certificates in the cloud

Add the recipients and send a request by email or SMS. The notification will arrive at the moment of shipment.

Verify the Signatures

It can be verified that the signatures included in the documents correspond to an appropriate signature policy.

Sign from anywhere

A web interface allows the signing of documents from any platform where the user can access their certificate.


A REST interface allows the creation and control of flows from an external application. In this way it is possible to incorporate the service into other systems.


A user can be invited to sign a document just by knowing their email address.

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