CertiSur Seal Installation

CertiSur Secure Site Seal

If you implemented the security of your site with SSL Certificates, don’t miss the possibility of showing the Secure Site Seal to all of your clients, in order for them to know that the information they will transfer from and to your site will be confidential.
The Secure Site Seal brings an additional protection against the wrong use of revoked or expired certificates. In this way your site’s visitors can verify the seal’s owner data in real time.

Installation instructions

Important: In order for the seal’s image to be correctly visualized it is crucial that you install it into the site secured by the certificate, that is: you should access it through the complete URL of your site. If the file containing the seal is accesed from the disk, or from an different address, the image will not be visible.

Step 1

Prepare your pages

Open the page that will contain the Secure Site Seal with an HTML editor and reserve an area where the certificate seal will be placed.

If you are replacing a previous version of the Secure Site Seal, search for the existing code and replace it with the script that will be generated at the end of these instructions.

Step 2

Copy the seal’s images in your site

Download the seal’s images and copy them into your site. You can frequently copy them to the same place where the other images of yoru site are located.


Write the directory, within your site, where the images are now located. You should write the directory where the images are located in the site, and not the absolute directory in the disk.


Step 3

Select a brand

Select seal brand:


Step 4

Select language

Select the language for the information that will be shown to the users that follows the link associated to the seal:


Step 5

Select the desired type, bearings, size and format of the seal



Mini Transparent

Mini Static

Small Transparent

Small Animated

Small Static

Medium Transparent

Medium Animated

Medium Static

Large Transparent

Large Animated

Large Static

Step 6

Write the site’s common name (CN)

Write the site’s common name, exactly as it appears in the certificate. For example, if your certificate is for securing www.certisur.com, write “www.certisur.com” without quotes (do not forget www). You should not write neither “http://” nor “https://”

Site’s common name*

Step 7

Generate the Script and text you should include in your site

Press the button to generate your Secure Site Seal script (this script should be included in yoeu web page).


Copy and pase the complete content of the script in your page

Note: We recommend you that the site designer include the generated script in the site. You can copy the script and send it through email, o you can send these installation instructions.

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