Secure Site Pro OV


Strengthen the security of your entire website with proactive vulnerability assessment.

Recommended for sites that perform financial transactions, exchange sensitive data or have authentication access.

Organization validation

Single or multiple domains

Vulnerability scan

Malware scanning

Refundable within 30 days

Support by Tel/Mail/Chat

  • Validity (Years)

  • Non Wildcard Domains

  • Wildcard Domains

Average Price
Based on a 2-year certificate

The price does not include taxes. Certificates older than one year must be remitted annually free of charge.




These certificates are issued after completing a vetting process of the company along with the verification of the domain and its owner information.
This process is usually completed in less than five days. Organization Validation Certificates provide a higher level of security providing a certain level of confidence about the company owning the website you are visiting.

Encryption strength & Algorithms

Support 2048 bit public key encryption. Up to 256-bit encryption secures online transactions.


This certificate is compatible with the most important distributed browsers.

Site Seal / Secure Seal

The CertiSur Site seal is a visible sign of security.


These SSL Certificate includes a warranty.This means that if the site was improperly validated, actually not secured and/or the certificate was issued to a fraudulent site, the Certification Authority (CA) would compensate the end user of the site or victim for any losses or damages up to the amount specified on the service agreement. Look at the summary of the product to see the limit of the warranty.
Look at the summary of the product to see the limit of the warranty.

Scan de Malware

With the daily analysis of website code, you can reduce the risk of installing malicious code that may affect the operation of your site and spread of virus.
Thus, you will protect sensitive data like credit cards and personal data.

Vulnerability Assessment

Through this weekly automatic analysis, you can identify vulnerabilities on your website, web applications, and server software and network ports.
You will receive a report that will let you know the critical vulnerabilities and also, items that are less risky.

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