CertiSur has implemented proprietary and partner solutions in several clients. Below are some of the most outstanding success cases of the region.


Banco SantanderRio S.A.

Banco Santander Rio Argentina ( has implemented Electronic Signature for all its Cash Management clients and SME  Companies.


SantanderRio, an internationally recognized bank for updating and innovating in Internet services, had decided to improve its levels of security in its corporate and SME banking.

The main objectives proposed by Banco Santander Rio were:

  • Counteract the phishing attacks suffered by its clients
  • Increase online transactions of its customers
  • Allow secure access to clients through the Internet and also via Blackberry phones
  • Provide a service to ensure that the bank´s client is the one intervening the forms in which the bank transactions are made.


Banco Santander Río has become a Certifying Authority under the root of CertiSur / VeriSign, which has enabled it to deliver the digital certificates to the representatives and signatories of its Corporate Banking and SME Companies clients. Thus, the Bank’s clients authenticate with these certificates on the Home Banking site and at the same time sign electronic documents.

The most critical operations are now carried out directly on the website and completely on-line.

This way of operating provides maximum levels of security for both the Bank and its customers and has also facilitated the way for paper operations to be carried out in a more convenient, economical and safer way.


Asociación de Bancos de Bolivia

ASOBAN, Asociación de Bancos de Bolivia, has incorporated Digital Signature in the Electronic Clearing of Checks process and the ACH.


ASOBAN operates the only electronic Clearing House for checks for more than ten years by delegation of the Central Bank of Bolivia.

In 2003, ASOBAN conceived a totally electronic system so that the interbank Clearing operations could be carried out entirely on-line and for this to be possible it required that the operators of all the banking entities have an authentication service and a digital signature.


ASOBAN incorporated the VeriSign Managed PKI service in 2004, through which it issues and manages the digital certificates that Clearing system operators use to authenticate and digitally sign the electronic documentation that transits in said system.

In the same way, ASOBAN operates the ACH (Automatic Clearing House).

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Bolsas de Comercio y Cereales de Argentina

They have developed the Confirma system through which they register cereal purchase and sale contracts and have a complete system of electronic documents and Digital Signature.

This service is used by the main exchanges in the country (Rosario Stock Exchange, Buenos Aires Cereal Stock Exchange, Santa Fe Stock Exchange, Cordoba Cereal Stock Exchange, Bahia Blanca Cereal Stock Exchange, Entre Rios Cereal Stock Exchange ) and transact more than 90% of the grain trade of Argentina.


The Grain Exchange and the Rosario Stock Exchange proposed in the year 2000 to change their traditional role of Registration Authorities of paper purchase and sale contracts by an electronic model that would totally replace the exchange of those contracts.

The new model also included the Registration Book that the Stock Exchanges are obliged to have in order to give faith to commercial transactions.

The challenge posed was the migration of the traditional paper model to an electronic model keeping equal conditions of legal protection for all participants.


They  conceived a Web site specially dedicated for the transactions of the contracts of purchase-sale of cereals of exclusive use for the operators : buyers, sellers and brokers.

Each of the exchanges was constituted by Electronic Signature Certifying Authorities through the VeriSign Managed PKI service under the VeriSign Trust Network of CertiSur. This has allowed to issue digital certificates to the people representing each of the intervening parties in order to provide the Web system with contractual and legal conditions similar to those used in the traditional paper system.

The electronic system has been in operation since 2001 and since then has had a sustained growth based on:

  • the comfort for the users since the process times happened to be of two or three weeks in the system of contracts in paper to two or three days in the electronic system
  • Substantial improvement of the quality of service for users
  • significant cost savings for all participants originating in the elimination of paper handling, control, filing and registration

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CertiNet S.A.

Association of Banks of Chile for the issuance of Advanced Electronic Signature Certificates for the signing of transactions and documents in interbank applications and banking clients.

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Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires

Implementation and start-up of SafeNet Authentication Manager, software for the management of SafeNet tokens for the PKI that owns the Bank.

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Banco de Valores

Issuance of Digital Certificates and integration of digital signature for bank transactions of stockbrokers.

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Banco Itaú S.A.

Development of smart digital forms in PDF format that can be digitally signed.

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Organización Veraz S.A.

Implementation and start-up of the authentication service for users in the Symantec VIP cloud.

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