Banco Itaú

Banco Itaú has incorporated Electronic Signature for its Corporate Banking clients Smart digital forms in PDF format capable of being digitally signed were also developed.


The main objectives set by Banco Itaú were:

  • Digitize 100% transactions in a secure way.
  • Increase customers online transactions via Internet.
  • Own a service that ensures the identity of the client.
  • Avoid phishing attacks.


Banco Itaú has become a Certifying Authority under the CertiSur root, which has allowed to deliver digital certificates to its Corporate Banking customers and signatories. Thus, the Bank’s customers authenticate themselves with these certificates on the Home Banking site and at the same time sign electronic documents.

The most critical operations are now carried out directly on the website and completely on-line.

Used Solutions

Electronic signature

Certificate Issuance and administration


Certificate administration panel


Digital signature in browsers


Digital Signature Validation


Reliable date for digital documents

Trusted Third Party

Preservation of digital documents

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