The main advantages of using an ssl certificate

There are several benefits to protecting your communication channel, especially if you collect personal data, user codes or any other confidential information.

Secure Remote Document Signing

Digital or electronic document signing allows remote employees to sign documents securely at any time, from anywhere.

Code Signing Certificate Requirements

The Industry postponed implementation until June 1, 2023.

The time to automate your digital certificate management has arrived

Automating certificate management is increasingly being looked to as a way to mitigate the threats involved in such a critically important task.

Internet: the vision of users 2022

CertiSur S.A. issues this report based on the information that arises from the survey specially contracted to D'Alessio IROL and that was carried out during the third quarter of the year 2022 to frequent Internet users.

Everything you need to know about domain validation

The goal of the domain validation process is to ensure that the organization requesting a certificate is, in fact, entitled to request a certificate for the domain in question.

News Code Signing Certificates

As of November 15, 2022, industry standards will require that private keys for OV code signing certificates.

How To Get Full Control Of The SSL Certificate Inventory

Having a tool that allows the company to have a complete picture of SSL certificates inventory of in real time is key.

Do you know how to validate a digital signature?

The digital signature has become a resource that is increasingly used by companies, and its contributions to efficiency and mobility are a great incentive for its users. But do you know how to verify a digital signature? We tell you how to do it.

5 technological lessons that the pandemic has left

It has been 2 years since the world has lived with a virus that has changed the history of humanity and, consequently, of technology.

Security predictions for 2022

Knowing the risks and making security predictions for 2022 is necessary to find solutions. DigiCert assembled a team of cybersecurity experts.

Security Bulletin: Vulnerability analysis – DDC/AD

Security Bulletin: Vulnerability analysis - DDC/AD Log4Shell, or LogJam, is a remote code execution class vulnerability.

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