Internet: the vision of users 2022

CertiSur S.A. issues this report based on the information that arises from the survey specially contracted to D’Alessio IROL and that was carried out during the third quarter of the year 2022 to frequent Internet users.

22 November, 2022

Most significant conclusions:

  • The Internet generates positive feelings: usefulness and a sense of freedom.
  • Internet is NOT alien to the economic crisis experienced by Argentines.
  • They believe they know how to protect themselves from hacking and fraud. They find it basic because they feel that no one will help them if they have these problems.
  • Internet presents some shadows: a group is detecting as a problem that it is addictive, leads to hyperconnection, exhaustion, and greater loneliness.
  • Even with this obstacle, the Internet can continue to grow, especially if it shows how it protects and simplifies the lives of users.

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