Internet: The Vision of Users 2018

Report based on the information that emerges from the survey specially hired to D’Alessio IROL to frequent Internet users in 2018.

1 October, 2018

Most significant conclusions:

  • Internet access continues to grow: it covers approximately 33 million people in Argentina (it represents 75% of the population).
  • More than 30 million people already buy online, and their profile already exceeds the millennials. It is a virtuous circle: more buy = less fear.
  • Banks have managed to gain the trust of their customers: 7 out of 10 feel safe moving money online through the bank.
  • The users are clear about the “must be” about the safety measures to be taken but they concentrate on using the more traditional ones. But … do they?
  • The ignorance of security tools generates most of the fears.
  • Security is based on trust in the use of the traditional password, own experience and some institutional endorsement (for example Banks) with more sophisticated tools.
  • The main responsibility for network security rests in the site. In second place the user.

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