Entrust Advantage SSL OV


Gain Greater Development Flexibility and Powerfull SSL-Based Security for your Website.

Entrust Advantage SSL Certificates secure ecommerce, communications and private information passed from browser to Web server and between servers. Add a second fully qualified domain name for free and secure domain.com when your certificate is for www.domain.com. Plus, you get added security services that find malware on your site.

2 domains

Organization validation

Malware scanning

Refundable within 30 days

Unlimited server licenses

Support by Tel/Mail/Chat

  • Validity (Years)

  • Domains

Average Price
Based on a 2-year certificate

The price does not include taxes. Certificates older than one year must be remitted annually free of charge.




Organization Validated (OV) certificates contain the verified name of the entity that controls the website. The Certification Authorities (CA) that issue these certificates check with third parties to establish the official name of the organization and where they are located. The CA contacts the requesting organization to confirm that they actually requested the certificate and that the requester is authorized to receive the certificate on behalf of the organization.

Encryption strength & Algorithms

Entrust certificates have 256-bit ECC or 2048-bit RSA public key encryption on the root certificates. Supports SHA-2 algorithms. Entrust SSL Certificates protect your data by offering security that takes advantage of the best features of symmetric and asymmetric encryption.


This certificate is compatible with 99.9% of browsers and browsers on mobile devices.

Site Seal / Secure Seal

Let your visitors know that they are on a secure website with CertiSur Site Seal.

UC/SAN Multidomain

This certificate can protect two domains.

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