Information Security

The field of information security has grown and evolved considerably. Information security includes various aspects, including availability, communication, identification of problems, risk analysis, integrity, confidentiality, recovery of risks. Precisely the reduction or elimination of risks associated with certain information is the object of information security.

Tokens and Smartcards

Similar in size to a key or as an Intelligent Card (smartcard) this device can integrate the random generation of keys (One Time Password (OTP), access through a USB port of Digital Certificates (PKI), access control by proximity (RFID) and a storage disk (Pen-Drive) for confidential and personal data.

You can safely transport all the necessary data to authenticate to your HomeBanking or favorite sites, to your personal computer and applications with only remember a password.

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Time Stamping

The Timestamping or Digital Time Stamp is an online mechanism that offers technical evidence that a digital object (document, software, image, audio, video, log) exists and has not been modified. Generally this service is offered by a trusted third party, who issues verifiable timestamps. Adding reliable Timestamping to an electronic signature or code provides a digital seal of information integrity and a reliable date and time of when the operation took place. Recipients of documents and codes with a reliable timestamping can verify when the document or code was digitally or electronically signed, as well as verify that the document or code was not altered after.

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One-time password (OTP)

Protect your accounts and your identity, by requiring a unique security code, in addition to your username and password, to access your accounts online. To generate each security code you must use a credential that can be your mobile phone, a card or a token. In addition, it can be used in multiple places to protect all your accounts. Although usernames and passwords can be guessed or discovered, only you have access to the physical device or a mobile application that generates the necessary security codes to validate your identity.

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Electronic signature

Solutions oriented to the realization of secure electronic transactions in a multichannel field of operation.

A digital signature certificate allows a user to authenticate himself, certifying with the use of the Digital Signature that he is who he claims to be in the digital world. It allows to authenticate the person, sign and encrypt files, messages or others.

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Cryptographic Hardware-HSM

The HSMs (Hardware Security Modules) provide the most reliable protection on the market for applications, transactions and information assets by protecting the cryptographic keys that are at the heart of any security solution based on encryption.

HSM devices are provided in different modalities and configurations, depending on the application, equipment or processing capacity required. They comply with the highest levels of global certification (FIPS 140-2 Level3, EAL4 +) and are an essential tool for the administration of keys, which reside in the equipment (PCI, PCMCIA, Network, etc.)

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Anti-Fraud Attack

Fraud and Brand Intelligence Mitigation Service.

Solution hosted in the cloud that monitors and stops fraud attacks in real time, aggressively pursuing threats from their source and deactivating them before they affect your business and users.


Extensive Protection

Protection of websites, mobile channel, cards and brands in a complete solution

Detection and deactivation of Sites with Malware

Detection and deactivation in real time of sites that host malware and malicious applications.

Monitoring of Committed Cards

Provides early warnings about massive theft of cards with black market monitoring.

Compliance with the Guidelines on Social Networks FFIEC

It complies with the FFIEC regulations for risk management in social networks.

Proactive Deactivation of Threats

76% detección proactiva de ataques.

Monitoring and Deactivation of Real-Time Threats

Disable fraudulent websites at an industry leading average time of 3.6 hours.

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Email Domains Monitoring

Eliminate email spoofing. Take down phishing websites.

Restore trust in email by blocking fraudulent messages and removing websites supporting malicious campaigns.


Identify Email Spoofing

Intercept and reject fraudulent email before it is received by employees, customers, and business partners. Monitor who is sending spoofed email, where it is received, as well as the contained phishing URLs and malware.

Accelerate Fraud Protection

Our Professional Services team assists organizations to stop email fraud. Let us train users to quickly identify valid senders, quarantine scammers, and provide valuable insight into the corporate threat environment.

Cloud-based service

It does not require the installation of hardware or software and is completely cloud based. It is fully operational from the first moment.

Increase Email Authentication

Measure the effectiveness of email security actions by receiving email authentication and deliverability results from across the globe.

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