PKI Platform

PKI Platform

Easily manage the full lifecycle of your digital certificates, from issuance through renewal or revocation.

Why use a PKI Platform?

The smartest solution for simplifying user identity management for existing network access, directory services and business applications.

The CertiSur PKI Platform allows you to secure and manage all your PKI applications from one place, no matter what solutions you have. Take control and automate the certificate life cycle for:


The Complete Enterprise PKI Solution

Customizable and easily deployed in any country.

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Maintain the control you need over policy and day-to-day decision-making, but delegate back-end tasks. The  solution delivers on all PKI functionality including hardware, root key protection, user key management, dual key support, availability, scalability, disaster recovery, customer practices support, and more.


The Most Robust Infrastructure

We run the most ubiquitous and modern infrastructure. Our root keys are pre-installed on all major commercial products, so certificates issued are immediately recognized and trusted.


Easy Integration

Our PKI Platform gives you the option of establishing an isolated PKI, a community or industry-wide PKI, or a PKI linked to our ubiquitous public roots. Enjoy no directory schema restrictions and connect to LDAP, X.500, DQL, or legacy DBMS.

PKI Platform is the flexible solution for security in any application


Better Security for Email Users

Encrypt email signatures and transmissions with a certificate for secure user authentication. With DigiCert, you can issue certificates that:

  • Prevents tampering.
  • Guards against altered content.
  • Ensures message privacy.
  • Keeps sensitive information private.
  • Proves authorship.
  • Shows the email came from you.



Say Goodbye to Weak Access Points

Protect your network at all points with the platform that lets you efficiently manage user access to a wide range of connected things.

  • Seamlessly authenticate employees and partners to applications or websites.
  • Save time with pre-configured and custom options for certificate profiles and enrollment.
  • Enjoy faster, automated certificate deployment to every device.


Effortlessly Enroll, Deploy, and Configure Device Security

Make your MDM smarter and safer by administering your entire mobile device landscape from one PKI system.

  • Enroll, deploy and configure all mobile devices for your organization from one place with automated activation for access to enterprise services.
  • Use dozens of security options to meet compliance standards and administer advanced security settings for devices.
  • Enjoy MDM solutions integrated with enterprise directories, role-based access control and content delivery.



Create Secure Authentication as Unique as your Signature

With PKI certificates, senders not only digitally sign documents, but recipients will be able to see and trust the identity of the sender.

  • Establish document authorship.
  • Ensure data/content integrity.
  • Manage certificates and signings at scale.
  • Control anytime from anywhere.

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