SSL multi-year plans

SSL certificates are now available for multi-year plans up to 6 years. For security reasons, your certificate will initially be issued with a maximum validity of 398 days. Before the expiration of the certificate we will contact you for the reissue for a new period. Multi-year plans require you to reissue your SSL certificate each year. You can reissue your certificate at any time and as many times as you like. No more days or weeks wasted on single year certificates trying to time a new purchase.

22 March, 2023

Industry Changes

The CA/Browser Forum announced that publicly trusted SSL certificates issued are valid for a maximum period of 398 days. This followed a long history of work by the CA/B Forum community to reduce certificate lifetimes and improve security, balancing the needs of business owners.

What is the Multiannual SSL Plan?

To reap the benefits of shorter certificate lifespans and make certificate management even easier, we offer SSL certificates with multi-year plans. This new type of multi-year coverage is a cost-effective and time-efficient way to improve security by reducing certificate outages and managing shorter certificate lifecycles.

Since browsers require a one-year certificate lifetime, the multi-year plan, along with automation tools, saves you time and money. They can secure longer terms of coverage provided by the multi-year plan, while their cost is reduced relative to the longer terms.

How does it work?

When you purchase an SSL certificate with the multi-year plan, you will receive the initial certificate, valid for up to one year, and the right to unlimited reissues of the certificate during the term. We will have to revalidate the organization and the domains annually during the term of the Multiannual Plan.

You will receive reminder emails asking you to complete the necessary steps beginning 30 days before your current certificate expires. These emails will explain what steps you need to take to reissue your certificate.

After the end of your subscription period, you will need to renew your SSL certificate order. When you renew, you can choose to start another multi-year subscription and pay the value of the SSL certificate for the chosen period.

Can I cancel my plan?

All our SSL certificates have a 30-day warranty period from the moment they are first issued. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can contact our Customer Service Department within 30 days of purchasing your SSL Certificates and we will provide a refund.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to cancel or refund more than 30 days after the initial purchase of a multi-year certificate.

Why choose the TLS multi-year plan?

Multi-Year SSL certificate reissues have no lost periods due to lengthy purchase processes. When the certificate expires, perform a simple reissue and obtain a certificate for a new period, without making administrative procedures for service payments.

Due to basic CA/Browser Forum requirements, revalidation is required at certain certificate intervals to maintain Organization and domain validation compliance.

Reissuance of certificates should be done annually as it improves the security posture of any organization.

Planes Multianuales ssl

Example of a 6-year Plan.

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