No need to fear Blockchain, we have to embrace it

The head of research and development at Digicert shares his vision regarding the use of blockchain in cybersecurity. How useful can this tool be for other productive processes as well?

29 April, 2020

By Cristian Aránguiz. In an interview with AméricaEconomíaAvesta Hojjati, Head of R&D at DigiCert, demystifies that blockchain is the great and only solution for cybersecurity, and affirms that the key lies in its good use, but in the understanding with other applications. In addition, Hojjati reaffirms the productive power that blockchain delivers in the productive processes of companies.

Should blockchain be accepted as the next great productivity technology or is it still under development?

The first thing is to make clear that blockchain represents your applications. Something very important happened between 2009 and 2010, when bitcoin appeared. Everyone started thinking that blockchain was just bitcoin. While its transparency, adaptability and blockchain skills are the core that needs to be understood. Today there is still a lot of misinformation about it. No need to fear blockchain, you have to accept it.

– Blockhain is the best technology today to solve cybersecurity problems?

-What I could tell you is that blockchain does not come to solve all the security problems that exist, and that is what DigiCert is focused on today. We are seeing blockchain as a security tool, inside a toolbox, but we do not see blockchain as a solution to all our digital security problems.

-If blockchain is not the panacea for all cybersecurity problems, what is your contribution to cybersecurity?

-When you think about cybersecurity and blockchain, the first question that people should ask is: what problem resolves blockchain in the infrastructure of my cybersecurity? For example, having the ability to audit access to servers is very important for those in charge of a company’s cybersecurity; since if you have a server that gathers all the accesses of the server and you want to make sure that nobody has changed the access to this server, including someone that could be attacking these servers, blockchain is something that helps you. Because if you are able to put your general state of operation in blockchain, you can receive consensus from other parties; You can be sure that you can not change the information in the past or change the history. Not only would it be very difficult to cheat or modify data, but you could also verify, based on your history, the people who interacted with you.

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