Internet: users’ vision 2020

CertiSur S. A. issues this report based on the information that arises from the survey specially contracted to D’Alessio IROL

1 November, 2020

Most significant conclusions:

  • In an atypical world context, Internet access in Argentina is increasing strongly, reaching 40 million people, equivalent to 89% of the population.
  • The Internet has become an essential ally to cope with the day to day in the context of social isolation, with an acceptable performance, according to the experience of users.
  • Spending more time at home has led to greater use of the computer compared to the smartphone.
  • Among the most popular functions of the Internet, are operating with Home Banking and video calls, both with family and friends as well as work.
  • Criticism of the support of companies for teleworking: not all consider that they received some support from their employers.
  • Very good relationship between online inquiry and subsequent purchase online. It has gone from being “the window” to being occupying the place of “the box”: 22.9 million declare to have bought online.
  • They use two means of payment. The Credit Card remains in the first place and Mercado Pago, Debit and Transfers continue to gain ground.
  • The Internet, despite the increased use and dependency generated by the pandemic, remains an area that generates mistrust (even more than before the quarantine). They hold sites responsible for their safety and require very specific visual symbols to guarantee it.
  • Fear is still stronger as prejudice than as reality. Users know the need to take precautions: 8 out of 10 say they do not use the same password for different sites and check the URLs before entering personal data.
  • Social networks: very popular, but unreliable for those who use them.

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