How To Get Full Control Of The SSL Certificate Inventory

Today, to keep an Internet connection or any other type of confidential information secure within the network, it is essential to have TLS and SSL certificates.

15 May, 2022

Although this process can be indispensable for companies, most organizations do not have a clear idea of how to handle their certificates. By not being renewed, it causes a bad control of the data or certificates that can be fraudulent and damage the interests of the companies.

According to DigiCert specialists, without visibility or control it is impossible to ensure that there are no loopholes in the network encryption. In this case, the network could be at risk of non-compliance or failing in a digital security audit.

An example of an increase in certificates and digital signatures is Latin America, a region that has experienced significant growth in recent years. Now, 80% of users have performed procedures on public administration sites and digital signature services have grown by as much as 200%, according to the US technology company focused on digital security.

Regarding remote work, online procedures have captured the digitization process and digital identity protection. This change in business behavior only reinforces the need for greater control and automation of digital certificates.

Avesta Hojjati, head of research and development at DigiCert explained in a statement to NotiPress: “For companies, it is important to gain control over the inventory of digital certificates in the short term.” This explains that continuing to increase the use of digital certificates will maintain their usefulness with the most advanced industry standards globally.

Currently, only 80% of companies estimate the use of TLS and SSL type certificates, however, this figure may increase in the next five years with harmful consequences. 85% of CIOs believe that the increasing complexity of IT systems can cause outages that are increasingly damaging to a business. “The more the use of digital certificates grows, the more necessary control and visibility become to protect a work network,” said Hojjati.

To have greater control over inventory, DigiCert experts explain that it is essential to update the current protocols of a signature server. With this, cybercriminals will not be able to take advantage of any type of vulnerability to steal confidential information or workers’ credentials. Having outdated protocols can lead to greater vulnerability to digital attacks, and if not up-to-date, a firm could be left behind in the industry.

In addition to this, having a tool which allows the company to have the complete panorama of the organization’s network in real time is key to accurately executing any task. To have a deep scan, other types of technologies can be implemented, for example, sensors to scan the network and find all the internal and public TLS certificates.

According to Hojjati, once you’ve gained visibility into your certificate inventory, you should be able to resolve any issues quickly and easily. In addition, having automation tools to reduce risks during manual installation and renovation processes can save time and money.

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