Banco Santander Chile allows digital signing in all browsers

La suite de herramientas creada por nuestro Departamento de TI The suite of tools allows you to request and manage certificates and sign documents and transactions on any platform and browser.

22 March, 2023

The digital signature is not a new concept in the world of computer security; for more than forty years we have been working on it theoretically. However, its practical application is much more recent and its massive application came from the social and functional changes that impacted the digital world after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Problems in the implementation of the digital signature

This technological tool allows applying, to a digital document, a mathematical procedure that requires information of exclusive knowledge and under the absolute control of the signatory.

In order to be able to identify the signer and guarantee that the digital document was not altered after said signature was produced, it must be capable of verification by third parties.

However, the reality is that this tool operates in a constantly changing ecosystem in which platforms, cryptographic devices, operating systems and different browsers are constantly updated and modified.

Being up to date with all these updates makes it difficult for users to guarantee the proper functioning of a system based on digital signatures to the point that the only solution seems to be to increase the support hours of the IT teams or resort to endless hours of training for those who need to carry out transactions with a digital signature.

Internet Explorer and Banco Santander Chile

Banco Santander Chile users were navigating this same ecosystem of changes when June 15, 2022 arrived, the date scheduled for the EOL (End of Life) of Internet Explorer.

The dismissal of one of the first browsers affected hundreds of end users who asked for an alternative to continue carrying out their operations in other browsers.

Until now, they had used IE to carry out their signature processes in the different channels of the organization. This modality limited the use of the different applications to a Windows operating environment and was not supported by others such as MacOS or Linux.

Using alternative browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari or Brave was also not a viable option as this required the installation of an ActiveX component, a process that requires administrator privileges.

Seeking an effective solution for its users, the Bank came to CertiSur, where we have a long history in the use of digital signature technology.

Alison Desktop, the cross-platform solution

With more than two decades of experience, we are aware of the importance of digital signatures to guarantee secure authentication. At the same time, we know the problems that users and organizations face on a daily basis when operating with it.

Based on this deep situational awareness, our IT Department developed a suite of four tools that makes it easy to integrate digital signature and secure authentication capabilities:

  • Alison Desktop. Desktop application that allows you to request and manage certificates and sign documents and transactions. In addition, it has the benefit of being multiplatform (Win/MacOS/Linux) and accessible from any browser through the 100% Javascript SDK.
  • Alison Wizard. This wizard guides users through the process of downloading and installing Alison Desktop. At the same time, it diagnoses and checks the certificates and their correct installation and works as an aid in the work of the support teams.
  • Colt. This certificate management portal allows you to issue, renew, and test certificates on workstations.
  • Debbie. Certificate verification and signature validation tool.

The process for working with the suite of tools requires accessing the Wizard to download the Alison Desktop application and install it with the guidance of the wizard. The process is simple for the end user and does not require administrator privileges or specific browser settings, making it an ideal solution for organizations.

Satisfied customers

Like our clients who were already successfully using this solution, as of July 2022 all Banco Santander Chile channels have implemented this new signature mechanism.

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