Manage PKI Infrastructure

This Product centrally manages the lifecycle of digital certificates and smart cards and automates PKI processes.

Axidian CertiFlow addresses complex and diverse tasks related to managing digital certificates, smart cards, and improving PKI efficiency. In fact, it adjusts PKI processes to the demands of the technical, security and compliance areas, ensuring compliance with external regulations.

The Indeed Certificate Manager (Indeed CM) platform is a specialized category of IT solution based on a combination of multiple solutions:

  • Public Key Infrastructure Management (PKI Management)
  • Management system for cards, tokens and TPM (Card Management System)
  • Digital certificate life cycle

The Axidian CertiFlow platform offers a specialized consolidated tool to control your MS Certificate Server based PKI. All operations related to the management of user certificates and devices and information on failures will be available in a unified event log. No longer do you need to analyze multiple system logs and check user activity and the time period of the event.

Users of digital certificates through a self-service web console can view and manage their certificates and tokens and verify the validity of said certificates. Additionally, users can use them to revoke and renew their certificates and tokens without involving infrastructure administrators.

The administration console is a handy web application designed to configure, manage and audit the entire system. Operators can use this tool to centrally register tokens, view logs, monitor device usage at workstations, edit user policies, and manage certificate lifecycle.

Another key feature of the Axidian CertiFlow solution is that it supports a wide range of cryptographic devices from different vendors and allows them to be managed and configured centrally (for example, configure a specific administrator PIN code or random password policy).

PKI integration modules allow convergence with other important components related to the PKI solution and IT infrastructure management.

Thanks to a convenient role-based model built with the Axidian CertiFlow platform, you can assign appropriate access rights to staff with various job descriptions. For example, among other things, you can clearly delineate the responsibilities of security administrators and CA operators.

One of the key tasks that Axidian CertiFlow software addresses is that it can keep track of all PKI certificates and tokens linked to specific users, namely:

You will keep track of your PKI tokens

Each token (a smart card, a USB token, a virtual token, or a container with a certificate and private key on record) is assigned to a designated employee.

You will keep a record of your company’s own certificates:

all certificates issued by your own certification authorities are assigned to their owners.

You will keep a record of certificates issued by third-party providers:

If your company uses certificates issued by third-party (external) certification authorities, you can add this information to the Indeed CM database and set up timely reminders for users and administrators about upcoming dates expiration date of third-party certificates.

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