Refund Policy

CertiSur S.A. is governed by rigorous standards and procedures in the execution of certification operations and in the issuance of certificates. Notwithstanding this, if for any reason a subscriber is not completely satisfied with the certificate that has been issued, the subscriber may request that CertiSur S.A revoke the certificate within thirty (30) calendar days after its issuance and refund the cost thereof.

After the end of this initial period of thirty (30) calendar days, a subscriber can request that CertiSur S.A. revoke the certificate and reimburse the cost thereof, only if CertiSur S.A. has breached a material obligation under these Standards for the Certification Process, related to the subscriber or the subscriber’s certificate. After CertiSur S.A. revokes the subscriber’s certificate, we will timely credit the amount in the subscriber’s credit card account (if this was the means of payment for the certificate) or make a check available for the total amount of the costs paid for the certificate.

To request a refund, call the Customer Service Department at (54 11) 4311 2457.

This refund policy does not constitute compensation for not being appropriate any compensation in these cases.

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