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Digital Document Signature and Identity Validation

The technology allows capturing data such as the handwritten signature, fingerprint, ID capture, OTP/SMS, video, etc. and incorporate them on electronic documents for validation.

Easy and intuitive

Prepare the document

Upload your documents in PDF, docx, odt format and add the necessary fields and forms for the signature.

Submit the signature request

Add the recipients and send a request by email or SMS. The notification will arrive at the moment of shipment.

Document Signature

The user receives and signs the request. You can follow the signing process at any time.

Why switch to the electronic signature of documents?

Sign from anywhere

Send the documents to sign by email or SMS. The signer may sign from anywhere in the world.

Face-to-face signature

Sign documents in person through a tablet (iPad, Wacom …) or smartphone

Signature with digital certificate

Sign or send signature requests to your clients to sign with digital certificate

Template editing

Create templates to speed up the sending of recurring signatures: Monthly contracts, payroll …

Custom forms

Collect the data of the signer from a form and add the information to the document.

Audit trail

The entire signature process audited with all events collected digitally.

Advanced document and signer flow

Add all the participants in the signing of a document and decide the order of signing for each one.

API for integrations

Integrate the most complete signature solution on the market in your favorite applications.


Easy digital signature integration in your Android and iOS applications

Digital Trust Service Provider

The service is complemented by Trusted Third Party services, specifically, time stamps, signature and encryption certificates, and private key custody.

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