22 May, 2020

Digital Onboarding

Digital Onboarding

How does it work?

Template Management

From the control panel the administrator will be able to generate the templates that he will then send to the clients so that they can start the onboarding process.

When generating the templates, the administrator will be able to define the type and amount of evidence that the client must complete in order to present the procedure. Among the evidences that you can choose we can mention: ID photos, selfies, attach files, geolocation, etc.

Once the template is defined, a QR code is generated to which the client must have access to be able to scan; after downloading the application to start the process in the app.

User Onboarding

The User must download the App to their cell phone and scan the QR sent by the organization to begin the process.

The user must complete the tasks that have been defined for the process in question, which may be completing personal data, taking a copy of public service tickets, selfies in different positions, copies of identity documents, etc.

Once the user completes all the tasks, the application allows them to send them to the organization.

Visualization of the Procedures Entered

From the same Control Panel the entered procedures can be viewed along with the evidence presented in each one and they can be downloaded and approved or rejected each entered procedure.



  • Edit your Templates

  • One administrator user

  • Your records can be deleted *


  • 10 Templates

  • Up to 15 procedures x month

  • Up to 5 Users


  • Unlimited Templates

  • Unlimited Procedures

  • Usuarios Ilimitados

  • Integration with REST API

  • RENAPER Identity Validation

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