Biometric Signature

Biometric Signature

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Biometric Signature Solution

The mobile biometric technology allows capturing data such as handwritten signature, fingerprint or ID capture, and incorporate them with certificates on electronic documents for validation from a tablet or smartphone.

It is a complete solution that can be used in any scenario whose objective is to eliminate paper in documentary circuits that require the signature of clients or external users to an organization.

Viafirma Documents is a document management solution that needs to be signed on mobile devices, Waicom terminals or tablets. Not only solves the problem of capturing signatures at points of service, but also allows the inclusion of other electronic evidence such as photographs of the client, photos of their identification (ID, passport, etc.), location at the signature time using GPS coordinates , etc.

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Long Time Validation PDF Signer
Certificados SSL

Digital Confidence Services includes TimeStamp services,  LTV LTV (Long Time Validation) PDF Signer and  Encryption key safekeeping

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